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Find out how much you know about the different types of waters in Pomurje and what your thoughts can do.

The Water that Forms Pomurje

Pomurje and water are inseparably linked – be it thermal bathing water, potable mineral water, or the River Mura that defines every inhabitant of Pomurje. Medicinal waters that form deep beneath the surface can represent a pleasant relaxation in the form of one of the many bathing areas, while the potable mineral waters quench thirst as well as improve health. Our lives are shaped by water on all levels – literally and symbolically.

Move Water with Your Mind

In the part of Expano dedicated to water, you can read about the waters in Pomurje and then take a journey on the path to discovering your own abilities. Put on the EEG device that will measure your concentration level and move the water inside the tube accordingly. Compete and train your brain – water can be used for that too.

Over the Meanders of Expano

Just as no one can really stop the current of the River Mura, so too can no one stop the imagination of people. We encourage you to think about where the journey will take you through thematic points in the exhibition space without limitations – we are convinced that you will find many more points in Pomurje in the real world.

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