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Green Story

Environmental policy of the Development Center Murska Sobota

The Development Center Murska Sobota (RCMS) has accepted sustainable principles by signing the "Green Policy of Slovenian Tourism", with which it commits itself to sustainable operation and continuous efforts for improvements in the following areas:

  • RCMS follows the guidelines of the leading tourism organization (Slovenian tourism agency) and, as a regional development agency, connects with other tourism organizations in the promotion of green and boutique tourism, which prioritizes the preservation of the environment and nature.
  • RCMS cooperates and co-creates the green image of Slovenian tourism by participating in sustainable projects, and we demonstrate our responsible behavior towards the environment with our own acquired environmental marks.

  • RCMS, as the manager of the Regional Promotional Center Expano, is an ambassador of green tourism in the region with the revitalization of the degraded area of ​​Lake Soboško jezero and with the recycled Slovenian pavilion.

  • The Slovenia Green destination brand promises visitors of Murska Sobota a destination that operates according to sustainable principles, tourism providers and partners in the destination strive to constantly improve the sustainable aspect of business.
  • We include local providers, the local community and local products in all our activities, thereby helping to maintain and develop jobs.
  • We are aware of the importance of green innovations, green technologies and sustainable architecture, which is why we encourage the promotion of products that include green content.
  • We encourage visitors to have a respectful and responsible attitude towards the natural and social environment in Slovenia.
  • We offer our guests tips and experience packages, with which we fill the off-season time and ensure an even distribution of guests in the destination.
  • In the destination, we encourage investors to build sustainable tourism capacities.
  • We promote sustainable mobility.
  • When printing, we use environmentally friendly or recycled materials.

BOJAN KAR, director

Murska Sobota, 11. 11. 2021

Green Policy of Slovenian Tourism 


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