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Magical clearing

Await the holographic images of animals in the forest of Pomurje.

Plants and Animals of Pomurje

The Pomurje region is famous for its unspoiled nature, dominated by the River Mura that gently snakes through many forests and fields, which offer shelter to many animal species. Slightly to the north, the landscape park of Goričko stretches over a third of the Pomurje area. It’s incredible to think how much cultural and natural heritage there is to be found in the shadows of its trees, in the clearings, or the almost completely overgrown sections rarely touched by human feet.

Nature Loves Quietness

Forests become vibrant and full of life only when we give them peace and quiet. And when we do, its inhabitants appear among the trunks and the undergrowth. Calm yourselves and lower your voices and you will be able to spot a red-deer, a brown owl, a stork, a Eurasian hoopoe, and a Eurasian blue tit in Expano’s Magical Forest.

Over the Meanders of Expano

Just as no one can really stop the current of the River Mura, so too can no one stop the imagination of people. We encourage you to think about where the journey will take you through thematic points in the exhibition space without limitations – we are convinced that you will find many more points in Pomurje in the real world.

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