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Write to us at or call us on 00386 (0)8 201 53 70 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Explore the lake

Explorations always begin on the surface. Whether you staying on top of the surface of Sobota Lake or wet your feet is completely up to you. Come soon and keep coming back!

We are convinced that Sobota Lake will give you a lot more than you might expect from it. Visitors can choose from many different activities – sporting, cultural, relaxation, or those that will entertain you late into the night.

The lake is the result of human interference in the area, yet nowadays it blends perfectly with nature. This area has been inhabited by various animal species, which we care for without allowing our work to interfere with their habitat, ensuring a peaceful and pleasant co-existence.

Be Active

You can put on flippers, drop your SUP, surfboard, or even a boat into the water, or simply put on a bathing suit* and enjoy your stay until sundown or even longer.

*Sobota Lake is not yet declared as bathing water, therefore, you may only bathe or swim in it at your own risk.Even so, we regularly check the quality of the water for our visitors -
Water Suitability Report (.pdf).

Be Relaxed

There comes a time when you only wish to sit around and do nothing, to relax by taking a stroll through hills and valleys. Come, sit, and grab a bite. Maybe that will be the moment when someone performs at the lake whose voice you enjoy so much.

Be Skilful

You can test your motor skills on 35 different devices in the exercise park at Sobota Lake. There are enough of them there to keep you busy and excited for many hours. It just might hit you out of the blue when the sun is already setting that you would like to see what else Sobota Lake has to offer. No problem, tomorrow is a new day and the lake will still be here!

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