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Island of Love

Even in Pomurje you can visit an island - the Island of Love. Formed through the ages by the Mura River and, according to legend, a place for people in love - even for the nobles of old from Beltinci.

Through the ages the Mura River played with nature and formed a natural island along its river bed - the locals called it simply the Island of Love. The island is very well known due to its beauty and untouched nature.  You can visit the Büjraši-Museum, the floating water-mill, or you can simply take a walk along the river-banks between tulip and poplar trees. The nobles of Beltinci used the nearby woods and the dammed part of the river to cool down during summer. Nowadays you will be served with a special kind of bread, which agrees perfectly after a ride on the river. The island features a quay for rafts and is a perfect spot for people wishing for some river-wellness.

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