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Environmental responsibility

The Expano Regional Promotion Center operates in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner

We are aware of the importance of preserving the environment for future generations, which is why we have approached the acquisition of the Green Key eco-label. We implement environmentally friendly and sustainable practices into our business and actively contribute to reduce the use of resources for the benefit of our planet. 

Activities that increase the role of sustainable business and contribute to the preservation of the environment in individual areas: 

  • Environmental management 

We have formulated and accepted a sustainability policy that describes the general objectives of environmental management, training, information and awareness. Each year, we formulate an annual action plan that includes measurable environmental objectives in the area of sustainable policy. 

We actively collaborate on environmental issues with relevant local stakeholders and take a holistic approach to addressing them. 

  • Staff involvement 

We strive for successful work in the area of sustainability, that is why it is important to inform all employees about environmental measures and involve them in the initiatives of the center. We have formed a green committee, which takes care of regular meetings, education and training, and in this way ensures that all employees are familiar with the content of the Green Key, so each of them can actively contribute to sustainable business. 

  • Guest information 

Key information about the Green Key program are available on the info panels within the center and on the website. 

Relevant notices on thoughtful energy and water handling are exposed on visible places in the center to encourage guests to actively participate in the center's environmental initiatives. 

  • Water 

We take care of saving water with appropriate taps and toilet flush tanks which do not exceed the permitted amounts of water flow. We have developed standard operating procedures to verify that excessive consumption or possible leakage does not increase the environmental footprint and maintenance costs. Notices are exposed in the toilets to encourage guests to save water.  

Our wastewater is discharged into the public sewage system, where it is properly treated and then safely discharged, without negative impacts on the environment and the local population. 

  • Washing and cleaning 

In the center, at least 75 % of cleaning products for daily use have an internationally or nationally recognised eco-label. 

Paper towels and toilet paper are made of non-chlorine bleached paper or awarded with an eco-label. 

  • Waste 

We encourage practices to preserve the environment, so we separate waste and enable their recycling and reuse. Hazardous chemicals are safely stored in a separate room with ventilation and the hazardous waste are safely transported to the nearest appropriate waste management facility. 

Our pumps and refrigeration plants are environmentally friendly and do not contain greenhouse gasses that deplete the ozone layer. 

  • Energy 

Central system for monitoring the operation of air conditioners is adapted to the season, business schedule, weather and number of visitors. The standard low and high temperature in the rooms is determined for optimal energy consumption. 

We strive to use the lights as little as possible, so instead we use daylight to operate whenever possible. For enlightenment, we use LED lamps, which are the most energy efficient and work for a longer period, resulting in less waste. Corridors and toilets are equipped with sensor lights that optimize operating time and consequently ensure lower energy consumption. 

  • Indoor environment 

We take care of a healthy environment and the well-being of both guests and employees, so smoking is not allowed in any indoors. We ventilate the premises regularly to provide fresh air. 

  • Green areas 

In order to reduce the risk of pollution, pesticides and fertilizers on green areas near center are not used or are used only in cases when organic or natural substitutes are not effective enough, but no more than once a year. 

  • Corporate social responsibility 

We ensure that our activities in the field of environment, health, safety and work are carried out in accordance with local and national legislation, international conventions and regulations. We have developed a policy of social responsibility, which covers the areas of human rights, labor rights and equality, safe working environment, anti-corruption, commercial, sexual or any other forms of exploitation. 

We carry out activities in such a way that they do not negatively affect local access to livelihoods, transport and residence, do not jeopardize the provision of basic health services to neighboring communities, do not prevent access to local historical, archaeological, cultural and spiritually important buildings and sites, local population and do not have significant negative effects on natural ecosystems and wildlife. 

When planning and placing new facilities and infrastructure, we consider the capacity and integrity of the natural and cultural heritage environment and follow the guidelines of architectural management. 

  • Green activities 

We offer guests information on nature parks, reserves and other natural attractions, indigenous communities and cultural and historical sites, as well as green outdoor activities (walks, running, cycling, canoeing, etc.) and thus encourage them to actively contribute to reduce the environmental footprint. 

We promote sustainable modes of transport with information about nearby bike rentals, as well as the possibility of renting bike and cycling equipment in the center itself. In the parking lot, there are three charging stations for electric cars and an Avant2go car-sharing system with two charging stations, for more environmentally friendly mobility.  

  • Administration 

In order to take a holistic approach to improve environmental condition, all staff areas meet the same criteria as public areas. Employees take care of proper waste management, as well as careful water and energy management. 

Office supplies and printing materials are eco-labelled or produced by a company with an environmental management system. In general, we strive to minimize their consumption. 

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Environmental responsibility


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