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Tourist Farm Dervarič

At the tourist farm Dervarič you will enjoy a beautiful view of the hills of Jeruzalemske Gorice as well as authentic dishes and wines, feeling right at home.

The tourist farm Dervarič is located in the idyllic village of Kopriva in the eastern parts of Jeruzalemske Gorice - featuring a beautiful view of the countryside and numerous possibilities for hiking and touring.

Its menu includes dishes from the local cuisine of Prlekija and Prekmurje, various dry meat products, excellent wine, home-made apple juice, pumpkin oil, vinegar, liqueur, and spirits. A specialty of the farm are its cold pressed oils, giving their food an added value, taste, and aroma.

To give you the opportunity for an authentic Prlekija-Prekmurje experience back home, all of the products can be purchased on the farm.

Kopriva 17
SI - 9246 Razkrižje

Contact person:
Jani Božič

+386 (0) 41 376 765

Business hours

  • per arrangement
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