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Spa Banovci

A small health resort in the middle of nature. Where everybody knows your name. Vacation for all! While children turn into fairy-tale characters, the parents enjoy a moment for themselves. Made for the perfect vacation, which you will want to repeat over and over again.

A morning run or some Nordic walking with the Terme Banovci team.

The fun-filled world of Edi the Pirate, of Banovička, of Krumpeki the potatoes, of Franček, the detective and other characters loved by children.

Genuine dishes of Prlekija – just like those from your grandma's kitchen! Delicious Banovski Poljub (Banovci Kiss) and Prekmurje Layer Cake – a must! Learn to how to bake bread, make Prekmurje Layer Cake and cook jams.

Bathing in pools filled with thermal water, which is full of benefits for your body.

 “Moon Saunaing” at the full and new moon. Beer, chocolate and fruit saunaing in saunas with typical Prlekija look.

Honey pampering with the aromatic Prlekija honey ... “Aaah” or “om nom”? Pampering for couples: enjoy angelic baths accompanied by the sounds of gongs.

The romantic Forest Villa (Gozdna vila) – precious moments for couples.

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Banovci 1a
SI - 9241 Veržej

+386 (0) 2 512 22 00

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