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People from Primorska and Istria in Prekmurje

Cordially invited to the unique museum of people from Primorska and Istria living in Prekmurje - the people that exchanged the Adriatic Sea for the Pannonian. Guided tours of the rich collection of heritage of recent history.

In the unique and interesting museum of people from Primorska and Istria living in Prekmurje, which is reminiscent of the wooden cabin dating back to the year 1922 - the house of the first immigrants when the colony Benica came into being - you will learn about the short and variegated history and life of people from Primorska colonizing Prekmurje.

Stanko Bensa, the author of the book Od Soče do Mure (From Soča to Mura) which offers a lively description of the journey of people from Primorska to Prekmurje, and which has drawn many a positive review, can be your own personal guide during your visit to the museum.

Groups are also offered a taste of Primorska-Minestrone or Prekmurian goulash as well as other specialties.

Benica 1a
SI - 9220 Lendava

Contact person:
Branka Bensa

+386 (0)31 452 788
+386 (0)31 346 083

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