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Experience the Pannonian plain

The lively beat of a small city, in the mid of the open plain, surrounded by ridges of low hills, whole-heartedly connects living customs and folk traditions of the whole region, which is home to the ancient energy of fertile soil and the great murmur of the black river Mura.
  • Experience the Pannonian plain with help of the latest technology in the pavilion Expano near the lake Soboško jezero,
  • get to know the cuisine of the Pomurje region and wine variety in Treasury of Prekmurje goods,
  • then let yourself be enchanted by the sights of Murska Sobota,
  • learn about the production process of Pomurje tomatoes and pick your own fruit,
  • admire mighty Ficus and Banana plants, Cacao trees and other great tropical plants in the Tropical garden,
  • recharge your energy at lake Bukovniško jezero and wash your face with the pristine spring of Vidov izvir (Saint Vitus),
  • get to know the history of Lendava that is spoken through the bourgeois buildings and see the remarkable fine art exhibition in the mighty Lendava’s castle rising above town,
  • climb the observation tower — Vinarium Lendava and discover 4 different countries from its top.
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Culinary pampering, natural and cultural heritage, wines


Zavod za kulturo, turizem in šport Murska Sobota
Slovenska ulica 41
9000 Murska Sobota
+386 2 534 11 30


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