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Castle Grad na Goričkem

The largest baroque castle in Slovenia with 356 rooms. The Knights Templar started building it in the 11th century. Nowadays it is the seat of the largest nature park of Slovenia.

The Knights Templar started building Slovenia's largest baroque castle in the 11th century. It was finished in the 16th and 17th centuries and gained its present form in the 18th and 19th centuries during renovation and expansion. The building is surrounded by a large English-styled park. Large tulip and plane trees, gleditsias, common beeches and hornbeams, and oak trees evoke feelings of grandeur and longevity. Energy flows from the depths of the Earth in the castle yard, which most people sense as tingling or warmth.  Several legends are associated with the castle, the most famous being the one about the dragon with the golden crown.

Grad 191
9264 Grad
+386 (0)2 551 88 60
Marina Horvat

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