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Festival “Soboški dnevi”

At the end of June, we invite a number of musicians and artists to the city, which impress visitors on different venues.
Everyone can choose from the a few different events, whether they be high-end classical music concerts at the Evangelical Church, street performances for the whole family on the castle platform, or great concerts by various music performers at the central venue in the city park.

Every year the program is enriched with street food.
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Street Food Festival “Sočna vilica”

From the spring to the autumn, the culinary Festival “Sočna vilica” offers many tastes and culinary experiences.



The largest air rally in Slovenia, 105 competitive and 40 fiesta balloons with competitors from all over the world, 12 active days of flying, 6 competitive days, an event suitable for the whole family.

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Dear Guests!
In concern for the health and safety of both visitors and employees, we announce that the Expano Regional Promotion Center has closed the doors for visitors on March 12th 2020 at 12 p.m.

With this measure we want to reduce the chances of spreading the new Coronavirus infection.

During this time we are available at, on our website and on social networks.

We wish you all the best and stay healthy.