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Experience PANNONIA

The sway of the summer grain and the roaring of the mighty river Mura. The wind from behind the hills of Goričko and the glory of the wine-growing country. A hundred-year-old mill and the eternity of the plain. The clay pots and church bells. The food of Goddesses and the water from the depths.
A thousand eyes and wonderful nights.

This is Pomurje.



Why Expano?

The Slovenian pavilion that presented the story of Slovenia as well as our story at the EXPO Milano in 2015 will continue to tell its positive story in the Pomurje region. The mission will continue at the lake Soboško jezero with a presentation and a promotion of the tourist attractions and economy of Pomurje.

Conceptual design

How will it happen?

EXPANO is an innovative, technologically advanced, fun, and educational presentation of life by the river Mura. We introduce the Pannonian world to foreign and domestic visitors in an attractive manner.

The interactive adventure park will take the visitors across Pomurje and lead them to further explore and discover hidden places through new technologies. The region's economic hub will offer its business visitors all of the information regarding the possibilities and opportunities in the region.

Modern technology
Innovative approach

EXPANO will be an interesting spot for one-day trips or longer vacations in Pomurje and the central tourist information center for the region. The pavilion will include a store with regional products and souvenirs, the center for mobility, a restaurant in the form of a culinary laboratory of Pannonian treats, and a pleasant corner to sit around and enjoy some coffee.

Nature's treasures

In the enchanting forest, where the river Mura winds between the trunks of black alders, visitors will come face to face with animals and plants characteristic of the Pomurje region.

Nature's treasures

Cultural heritage

Playing with the mill's wheel and listening to music performed with instruments from pottery, characteristic of the Pomurje region, represent the foundation of this part of the park.

Cultural heritage

Active retreat

The virtual balloon flight over Pomurje might prove to be the highlight of the EXPANO experience for some people.

Active retreat


The tourist and information center, in the form of a fair, will entertain visitors as they enter the park, where it will be possible to buy traditional products and food of the Pomurje region.

Tourist and information center

Business center

The boardroom, reception room, and offices on the second floor of the pavilion will host presentations of the economic and business possibilities of Pomurje.

Business center

And more…

The culinary laboratory, information HUB, library, thermal springs, water curtain, gigapan, animal habitat's wall, infinity room, poetry and art, aquarium, VR biking, interactive relief, and projection room. Have we forgotten anything?

And more...

The road to the opening

When will it happen?

To be able to share the exciting and interesting content of the EXPANO pavilion to visitors, we have drawn a path and set key activities that will lead up to its opening.


May - October

  • EXPO Milano, Italy
    Slovenia presents itself at the world exhibition


  • Concepts for the pavilion's content



  • Application to the public invitation


  • The solemn handing over of management of the pavilion to MOMS



  • The contractor selection for preparing the content of the pavilion's communication story, including the definition of the technology


  • The presentation of the project

June - September

  • A collaboration with the region's actors and participants (workshops, interviews, website, and social media)

September - December

  • The construction and installation of the pavilion


January - September

  • The decoration and the installation of content


  • The opening


What is happening?

You can follow all of the activities of setting up the EXPANO on this website and social media.

Expano dialogue


Take part in the EXPANO DIALOGUE and send us your ideas, suggestions, recommendations, interesting facts, complaints, and comments so that we may create a wonderful story of Pomurje – EXPANO.